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Activity and Meaningful Engagement

Engaging in meaningful activities is essential for our well-being and quality of life and in early stages of dementia it is important to stay engaged in activities you have always participated in. It’s important to also take up activities that stimulate your mind and work out your brain.

As dementia progresses it can become challenging to engage in certain activities, and there are a selection of activities designed to support engagement and stimulate your brain.

At the Memory Technology Library you’ll see a range of activity ideas including; a range of stimulating apps for smartphones or tablet computers, jigsaws, puzzle ideas, reminiscence, and many more. You can discuss these and get advice from the occupational therapist on how to adapt and ensure successful engagement. You can also click on the link below to view the At Home Activities booklet put together by the occupational therapist which has a range of ideas and links to activities.

You can watch a short video on the value of activities from our colleague here


Featured Resource/Products

The At Home Activities Booklet

The At Home Activities Booklet was created by the Occupational Therapist to give people living with dementia and their families a selection of ideas for activities you can do at home. The booklet can be downloaded [here](

The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland

The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland and Fujitsu have created a virtual hub with a wide selection of activities online. This is an excellent resource with music, poetry, art, reminiscence and much more available to download. You can visit this Virtual Hub [here]( The Alzheimer’s Society also have more information and ideas for activities at different stages of dementia on their website which you'll find [here](

Understand Together Online Puzzles

The Understand Together website has a Puzzles page with daily brain exercises that can help improve brain health.  Find a puzzle on their website [here]([](

Links to Other Assistive Technology

People living with dementia may become disorientated to the time and day which can cause anxiety.

As we age and changes occur to our physical health and brain risks may become more higher.

GPS stands for Global Positioning Satellite and allows your location to be known by nominated persons.

Telecare is a system of required assistive technologies that are connected to a 24/7 monitoring centre.